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About Me


Welcome! I'm Jessica, I have been in the beauty industry since 2009, but started my creative journey years before. Prior to formally joining the world of cosmetology I spent years developing a passion for art. This came in the form of drawing and painting in high school as well as helping on sets of plays as a teen. I believe this baseline knowledge of art and love of all things creative is what makes me stand out and excel as a hair stylist. 

Outside of the salon you can find me with my sweet baby (toddler) and my husband. Ever since I was a kid I have been outside exploring as much as I can; hiking and kayaking will always have my heart. I love to connect with my guests over life stories, small talk is for the birds, I want to know what makes you YOU.

I have spent years building my brand by being true to myself and putting my values first. There will never be a question of whether someone is safe and welcome in my chair. I promise a genuine experience where we can connect and form a relationship beyond client and stylist. I want people to feel comfortable and safe while we laugh, chat and work toward your beauty goals!

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